Your Special Answering Service – Review answering service review

Specialty Answering Service is an answering service company that provides specialty answering services. They understand that in order for them to help someone else’s company be a success they must first make sure that they are a success. In order for them to prove to potential customers that they do in fact know what they are doing when it comes to telephone answering services they off free answering services for a trial period so they are able to prove their companies success. Also they make sure that all of their staff understand the important of professional answering services and always treat any businesses customers with the upmost respect.


Specialty answering service has a bunch of features available to their customers. They have a variety of different packages for them to choose from as well so they will be able to get the most for their money and not have to pay for things that they have no use for. They currently have three different packages for customers to choose from. The three packages are low volume, small business and high volume.


  • They have a two week free trial for their live answering services
  • They have been in business for quite some time so they know how to provide quality answering services that a customer would love
  • They have a variety of different answering services available such as, medical answering services, small business answering services, business answering services, doctors answering services and office answering services
  • They have three different packages for customers to choose from so it allows them to kind of only pay for the services that they need


  • They have live chat support available through their website,, but they do not have someone available 24/7
  • They do not have their prices available on their website instead one must feel out a form and submit it to them in order to find out how much they can expect to spend on answering services with them