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Review of

Kendlebell is a professional answering service that has been in business for twelve years. Kendlebell provides business with the highest quality of telephone answering services that they possibly can. Over the years their services have grown tremendously and the answering services reviews that have been left about their live telephone answering services can vouch for that.

Features: offers a ton of features to their customers when it comes to their call answering services and their other services. One of the things that customers who use Kendlebell as their phone answering service like the most is the fact that they are an afterhour’s answering service.


  • All of’s customer service representatives are highly trained to remain professional and courteous at all times.
  • offers free answering services for a week so customers are able to test out their call answering services first before they spend any money with their answering service company.
  • has amazing testimonials and reviews across the web that have been left by previous and current customers who use/used their live answering services and all claim that they are the best answering service company to deal with.
  • does not have any reports on rip off report or that indicates that they do not provide the quality of telephone answering services that they claim to.
  • is different from other live telephone answering services because they do not have all of their representatives in the same office so when customers call your business they will not hear a bunch of other customer service representatives handling other callers in the background


  • does not list their answering services pricing on their website so some customers may shy away from this answering service company simply because of that
  • Unlike other telephone answering services does not have live chat available on their website customers have to actually call to express their questions and concerns which can cause call times to be slightly delayed