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Office Answers is a family run business answering service that is based in the United Kingdom. is a professional answering service and it shows through the quality of their work. Office Answers makes sure that they always answer their telephone lines professional when they are conducting business for customers and also when they are explaining their live answering services to customers also. With Office Answers you never have to worry about a machine answering your business calls every single call will be answered by a real person unlike other answering service companies that are on the market right now.


Even though Office Answers is a small business answering service they still have a lot of great features to offer their customers. One of the features of their phone answering services that customers find useful is that they send free text messages.


  • Office Answers has been in business for 6 years and they have a ton of great reviews on their website and also across the web that tells how great their phone answering services work unlike some of the other answering services companies
  • Office Answers remains professional at all times
  • Office Answers has affordable answering service pricing an unlike most of the other business answering services they list their prices on their websites so business can know whether or not they can afford their services from the beginning instead of calling and then becoming embarrassed because the phone answering service pricing is out of their budget


  • Unlike other answering service companies charges a set up fee. This can cause some of their potential customers to stray away from using their live answering services because so many of their competitors do not charge for set up.
  • Office Answers does not offer bilingual answering services and they are also not a 24 hour answering service so this can cause them to lose out on business because other answering service companies in their area offer these services.