Ringsavvy.com Review

ringsavvy review

About Ringsavvy.com

Ring Savvy offers business answering and live virtual receptionists’ service to large and small businesses such as busy corporate operations, active law firms, medical office or real estate agency. It turns clients to mobile entrepreneurs while providing their customers with polite experience.

Businesses rely on precise marketing channels to help strengthen their brand, expand customer base and maintain their loyalty. Ringsavvy.com virtual receptionists deliver any call center needs to help clients:

  • Generate and qualify leads.
  • support e-commerce, and telephone sales
  • provide virtual support for customers

Ringsavvy.com services to businesses

Businesses can get following business services from Ringsavvy.com:

  • Business VoIP: VoIP (Voice over internet Protocol) offers competitive and cost efficient telephony solutions for small businesses. VoIP delivers cheaper cost for long distance network operations, upgrades and maintenance. Additionally, VoIP will perform all functions done by traditional telephony system and even more!
  • Desktop application and plugins: Ringsavvy.com offers VoIP service Desktop application to boost business productivity and build stronger relationships with the customers. Desktop helps its clients to gain full insight into each in and out bound call by putting everything that business owners need to run their businesses right at their fingertips. Desktop collects and displays all information about their customers using business class plugins that simplify discussions with customers and prospects.

Hosted VoIP telephone service is different from traditional phone systems because it uses internet but not analog phone lines or copper wires. RingSavyy offers great guidance in “Getting Started” section of support. Here are guidelines on networking using phones, routers and headsets. There is also additional information on designing specific setup.

Why Ringsavvy.com

  • Office outsourcing and minimizing costs: Ring Savvy understands that businesses carry a heavy burden of employee costs making it even more expensive to run them. It offers solutions for call answering. At a fraction of employing several members of staff to keep a business available 24/7, it will answer calls for clients without missing any.
  • Create great impression to customers: Ringsavvy.com live receptionists are highly trained to answer, greet, manage and route clients’ customers and their messages. The training helps them to offer low cost virtual office solution and give a great impression about a business to its customers.
  • Free 14 day trial: Clients who are disappointed by their current answering service providers or want to establish how effective Ring Savvy is in handling customers while they concentrate on their core tasks get this opportunity by signing up for 7 day trial. This free trial has no commitments or risks.

Downside of Ringsavvy.com

No information pops up upon clicking how it works, pricing and contact us page on Ringsavvy.com website. Instead, the visitor is directed to sign up.

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