Review of Symmetry PCL ( answering service review

Symmetry PLC is a professional answering service that takes pride in their telephone answering services. However, they only provide their call answering services to the people in the United Kingdom. They have been providing phone answering services since 1999. Over the years the people who have tried their live answering services have spread the word about them so it makes it so they do not have to do much other advertising. On average, they have around fifteen to twenty people who sign up for their online answering services a week. Their live telephone answering services have been expanding and it looks like in the next couple of years they will have developed even more.


Symmetry PLC offers a variety of other services aside from phone answering services. So, this can be viewed as a one stop shop for businesses. Also, they have multiple ways that one can receive their messages such as via email or text message. The best thing is a lot of the features that they provide are provided to business at no extra costs. So, this in return makes up for them not having free answering services.


  • Symmetry PLC has been in business for years so they definitely know what they are doing when it comes to business answering service
  • Their website,, is very easy to navigate and has their answering services pricing listed so customers do not have to wonder how much money they can expect to spend
  • When their live people answer the phone they always use the company name so it will not be any confusion


  • Symmetry PLC depends on word of mouth for most of their advertising so they may miss out on potential customers that they would of gained by advertising other ways
  • Symmetry PLC is not in tune with many social networks which seems rather odd this day in time
  • Their website does not say whether or not they are a 24 hour answering service