Review of answering service review

Answering calls and Desk Support for my customers who need help or assistance anytime of the day is very important to me, because I have been losing sales in the past few months due to limited resources. Now I can get all the help that I need because I have My Answering as my assistant. What good about My Answering is that they have excellent online answering service that is just perfect for small business person like me.

There are small tasks that I need to be done every now and then, and hiring my own employee will cost me huge because of per hour rate, but since I am have trusted using virtual assistant of My Answering, every single tasks is supported, and I do not need to spend huge amount for the services rendered. I can only pay as little as $100.00 per month, and use them as my assistant 24/7 to support all my needs. My Answering is just the right solution for me. My Answering helps me with marketing strategy by doing opinion research, so I can focus on the right market and the right people.

Here’s what else My Answering do for my business:

  • Aside from Online answering service, My Answering also handles event registration
  • My Answering has toll-free forwarding that is affordable and no commitment
  • Professionally-trained personnel from My Answering are always ready to give you many benefits that you can enjoy for your valued customers
  • Nationwide Coverage for online answering service
  • Appointment Setting helps my schedule to be scheduled anytime, anywhere
  • Assurance that all my calls are routed to the right extension with their Auto Attendant feature

Here’s something that you do not find with

  • Price Index that you can view for comparison
  • Support for Conferences and Meetings
  • No trial period
  • No Multilingual and Bilingual Services
  • Technical Support is not available