Review of answering service review is the leader in excellent call services have identified itselves in small business answering services as well as for large businesses too and not restricted to any particular industry but include every sector. Overall MAP is running 5 major calling centers being supervised by the head quarter branch.

MAP communication Inc employee oriented foundation where every employees is not just having a virtual presence but has a conferred financial notice in the organization too to ensure the success of organization. motivates its employees for professional answering service by developing them for customer relationship management. Ownership within our company motivates all employees to deliver excellence in both the services we provide, as well as the customer service relationship we build with each and every client. MAP is developing itself with the reputation of being the industry pioneers in answering services.interested individuals or businesses can visit the MAPs website following this link FEATURES:

  •   MAP is using as a very updated software in its live answering services called ECHO software. That is a call handling tool that is designed to offer professional solution to customers through our proficient calling agents.
  •   MAP communication offers versatile answering solution that is not restricted to anyone sector but is incorporated with several proficient factors of flexibility , ultimate control and cost saving.
  •   Automated calling service at MAP communication now avoids the mistakes of sending messages to wrong receivers.
  •   MAP offers to integrate their phone answering services with interface of other company websites.
  •   The call answering services at MAP is customized through the efforts of their specialists according to varying needs of every business.
  •   MAP is where offering live operating answering service with its online management tool with 24/7 answering service.
  •   MAP ensures specialty call transmission to screen out urgent and non-urgent calls and keep the pace of their answering services