Review of – Knowledge Base for Virtual Offices answering service review

KBVO is an acronym Knowledge Base for Virtual Offices. They are a telephone answering service that has affordable answering service pricing. KBVO provides a ton of great call answering services and take pride in their work. However, they only offer their live telephone answering services to businesses that are in the United Kingdom.


KBVO has a ton of features that their customers adore when it comes to professional answering services. Their features are what have caused them to pick up the clients that they have today. However, many of the features that they offer are very similar to other call answering services they just come at a more affordable price.


  • No hidden charges: When you decide to use KBVO’s business answering services you never have to worry about them throwing in charges that were not discussed when you agreed to use their live answering services
  • Try before you buy: KBVO is an call answering service that offers free answering services for a limited amount of time to their new customers so you are able to make sure that they offer everything that you are looking for when it comes to your answering service company
  • Change your package every month: KBVO allows their customers to change their phone answering service on a monthly basic so they are able to remove and add features as needed which makes their answering service pricing more affordable for their budget.
  • A ton of services available: KBVO has a ton of services available outside of telephone answering services which makes it so businesses can have one company conduct most of their business needs.


  • does not have information on their website that allows their users to see how long they have been in business and things of that nature
  • only services business that are in the United Kingdom which does not allow other customers from other countries to experience their wonderful live call answering services