Review of answering service review

Inteliphone is an online answering service solution so you can keep in touch with your customers all day long. They are using a hosted telephone coverage service and provide you with flexible solution that is applicable to your needs. You can use their system without equipment to buy or software to install. A customizable feature is ready to use according to specifications. If you are looking for a 24/7 live operator to cover your needs, Inteliphone is a good choice! You might think it is expensive due to it is a U.S. based call center, but it is not. You can pay a flat rate and enjoy a direct toll-free or local number with no per-minute charges. I am a small business entrepreneur, but I look bigger with Inteliphone, because of the benefits that I am enjoying ever since I started my contract with them. is making sure that we are delighted with their performance by maintaining online answering service reviews.

Here’s what Inteliphone do for my business:

  • With Inteliphone I can experience Voice Mail Service so I can get in touch with my clients, friends, and relatives using my own toll-free or local number voice mailbox
  • Follow-Me Service which follows me to where ever I maybe and when I can’t take my calls, it can be routed to my voicemail box which I can retrieve anytime
  • Inteliphone  has 24 hour Live Message Center for online answering service
  • Money Back Guarantee if I am not satisfied with their performance (conditions apply)
  • Inteliphone can help me establish when to use their live operators using their online call reports that determine my peak or lean hours
  • I can retrieve online messages using my smartphone due to Inteliphone android or iphone application

Here’s something that I do not find with

  • Price Index that you can view for comparison
  • Support for Conferences and Meetings
  • No trial period
  • No Multilingual and Bilingual Services