Review of answering service review

I was looking for an online answering service to do the necessary steps to provide help for the services that I offer daily, so I go for Focus Tele.  Focus Tele has been spending time as my receptionist handling inbound and outbound calls for a couple of years now.  Focus Tele has tele working agents that are working 24/7 taking professional messages closely so they can deliver excellent service for you. All online answering services provided by Focus Tele are to be paid by minute, so I am getting my money’s worth. My business is now working smoothly because Focus Tele is committed to work on any project whether now or in the future. They are making sure that they maintain the level of confidence from their client through online answering service reviews. also focuses on these services:

  • Focus Tele assist in appointment setting
  • Any message from your customers or potential customers whether by phone or Internet, Focus Tele can get it from you or work on your website
  • Focus Tele can send audio files messages to your email
  • All your information and details are safe because Focus Tele agents sign a confidentiality agreement for your protection
  • You do not need to worry about old files or messages because Focus Tele offer archived message storage and retrieval
  • All calls are recorded for transparency
  • Using online answering service, Focus Tele can assist and create a customized script and manage your database
  • For overflow calls, Focus Tele can get it from you
  • Focus Tele works on Network in multiple time zones
  • Customer service/help desk assistance

Here is what you cannot find with Focus Tele:

  • No money back guarantee
  • Do not offer trial period
  • No common Q&A that can assist in common issues
  • Do not have technical support on their website
  • No ready price list or index