Review of – Medical Answering Service for $59.99 answering service review

Capitol Medical Answering Service is a telephone answering service that exclusively provides medical answering services. They have been providing their medical answering services for over 50 years to sole proprietors and even hospitals. They also have been able to maintain the most affordable rates and change as the times have changed as well. Capitol Medical Answering Service is so good that they handle over one million calls a month and are still able to give each customer the individual attention that they need and desire.


Capitol Medical Answering Services has a few features that they provide to their customers. However, it is nothing that will set them too far apart from other medical answering services. They do however have state of the art medical telecommunications technology and since they have been doing this for so long they have good knowledge as to what needs to be done and how customers prefer them to do their jobs.


  • All of their staff are trained and know how they are suppose to do their job when it comes to professional answering services
  • All of their staff are friendly and do not mind answering any questions that a potential or current customer may have
  • There is no set up fees to use their telephone answering services
  • There are no fees to use their phone answering services on the holidays
  • They have packages that start at $59.99
  • They have been in business for over 50 years so they have a lot of experience
  • Customers get to choose how they would like their calls answered when customers are calling
  • Every plan is customized to meet the customer’s needs.


  • They do not specifically list their rates on their website,, instead you have to call to see how much you can expect to spend with them so you can get all the features to the answering services that you need