I have a busy schedule almost everyday and keeping my calendar to keep track of my appointments is sometimes neglected and this affects my business. A friend of mine recommended Answer First Communications, Inc. to handle my calendar. I did try and it really pays to enrich your priority because they do have message answering service and phone answering service. I have now my own virtual receptionist who are managing my appointments, calendar, and even message handling. I can even view my calendar online and receive messages in whatever form I prefer such as email, fax, voice mailbox, and even call forwarding to my cell phone or home phone. I can download all files instantly and be provided with a complete summary. They even have international answering service which makes it cheaper because do design a rate plan for you unlike other services that let you commit to a package that you cannot fully utilized. They automatically provide discounts every billing cycle so you can maximize your package.

What is special about Answer First?

  • Work as my virtual receptionist – handle my calendar and booking appointments.
  • Live Operator to receive my incoming calls and charge only for minimal rate.
  • Technical Support 24/7 to handle any trouble that I may encounter along the way.
  • Order Entry – they do have nationwide call center to handle my orders in a timely manner. With live call monitoring and review of call recordings (this is effective if you have e-commerce site).
  • Toll Free Access – customers will have the ability to place orders at any time from any location across the country.
  • Emergency Set-Up is available with additional fees apply.
  • With Online Account Management Portal (Client Web Access)
  • Offer Discounts if volume of calls increases.

Negative Aspects of

  • Offer two payment methods only.
  • No trial period.
  • Long Term initial contract of 28 days. Should offer a flexible contract for individual.
  • Long Period before the cancellation of contract would take place.