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Review of Answering Service

Answer Connect has been in the telephone answering business since 1994. Over the years they have learned more things to help them become classified as a professional answering service in answering services reviews. When they first started out the new the concept behind live answering services however now they have not only mastered the concept of phone answering services but they also have the knowledge as to which answering services features business look forward to as well when they are dealing with answering service companies for business answering services. Features:

There are numerous features that Answer Connect provides some of their most valued ones include:

  • Toll free numbers
  • Message taking
  • Email delivery
  • Text message delivery
  • Custom scripting
  • Online web tools
  • Dynamic scripting

Check Pros:

Answer Connect is a great live answering service to use. According to reviews,  many people say so because:

  • Answer Connect is a 24 hour answering service: They understand that 80% of the callers that call and get the voicemail of a business will hang up without leaving a message and keep going down the list until they find someone who is able to assist them
  • Answer Connect dot com has multiple ways that they can be contact: understands that not every business is going to want to talk on the phone. Some are going to want to chat live via their website,, while other may want to email them. This is why they have multiple ways that they can be contacted so they will not lose out on to much business because of petty things.
  • only hires qualified professionals to work for their answering service company: this insures businesses that when they use their office answering services that their clients will be greeted by a professional, cheerful voice that will be a positive investment towards their company.

Review Cons:

It is very hard to find reviews about Answer Connect. This could be a turn off to people who choose their answering service company strictly based on what reviews on the internet say. However, there are no bad reviews that can be found about Answer Connect so this is definitely a good sign.