Review of a High Quality Answering Service –

Review of Australian Answering Service

Office HQ is a professional answering service that knows what business expect when they hire someone to answer their calls. All of Office HQ’s staff is highly trained professionals that answer phone calls the way that all answering services companies should answer calls. With Office HQ you never have to worry about losing out on money because the customer service representative was rude and unprofessional because each and every one of your customers will be greeted by a live agent who has a very cheerful manner about them.


Office HQ not only provides wonderful live answering services but they also have a ton of additional features to add to their phone answering services as well. Some of Office HQ’s most valued features include:

  • Free answering services for a limited amount of time and they do not ask for your credit card information so it is actually free
  • Instant activation so you do not have to wait around to start using their phone answering services
  • You can use your existing number or you can opt to have a Office HQ number for your business answering services
  • Local receptionists so you do not have to worry about where it is that your calls are being answered at
  • No set up fees the only thing you have to worry about paying for is the amount of telephone answering services that you use


  • Office HQ the best answering service pricing when it comes to other answering service companies
  • Office HQ has a nice, neat and easy to navigate website to advertise their office answering services
  • Office HQ has an IPhone app so if you are an IPhone owner you can use your IPhone to check and see exactly what your status is and things of that nature.


  • Office HQ has a few testimonials on their website,, yet it is very hard to find sufficient information about this telephone answering service on the web.