Review of answering service review

If you are looking for dedicated call center to meet your business calls, 24-7 InTouch is a good partner because they handle contact center solutions according to your objectives. 24-7  In Touch has been our partner for almost a year now and we are generating revenues since then. Our object is to gain the loyalty of our customers while generating sales, increase revenue while reducing service costs, and penetrate into new markets and owing to we have settled with 24-7 InTouch, we were able to achieved all our goals.

24-7 InTouch has aligned their competencies with various industries such as e-commerce, retail, manufacturing and even automotive. 24-7 InTouch understands all the demands of each industry by providing advance technology using extensive hiring and training strategies to the right people.

Here are some features of 24-7 InTouch that has been my favorite since I started with them:

  • Sales & Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Care & Retention
  • Live Chat Sales & Service
  • Pay-for-Performance Live Chat
  • Email Response
  • Direct Contact
  • Technical Support
  • Agent Assist Sales & Service

Here are some factors that made me stay with

  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Training & Development
  • Account Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Workforce Management

24-7 InTouch team are working best with their live chat and virtual agents who are strong in written communication skills and advance technology that are specifically strong and reliable because of unstoppable improvements.

Here is what does not have:

  • Q&A section where you normally would go if you have questions in mind. Q&A is a big help for every customers or business owner like me.
  • 24-7 InTouch do not have price index listed in their website though you they provide portion on their website where you can request for quote. It would be helpful if they have ready list to be listed in their website.
  • Payment Method not mentioned on 24-7 InTouch website.