Only the best answering services from Best Reception – Review answering service review

Best Reception is a telephone answering service that takes pride in providing businesses in the United Kingdom with the best live telephone answering services that they possibly can. They understand that customers look for professional answering services when they go about making their decision as far as which company they would prefer to work with. Their answering service company takes pride in the phone answering services they provide and they plan to keep on producing quality services for a long time as the future progresses. To show customers just how sincere their services are they even offer free answering services trials for the new customers before they spend any money with them.

Features: has a lot of great features that they offer with their call answering services. Some of them are free while others are not.

  • Free trial
  • Online diary management
  • Appointment booking and order processing
  • Notification of email and SMS
  • Email of each voicemail
  • 24/7 call answering services
  • Fax to email


  • They have a ton of different telephone answering services that they provide
  • Their website is fairly easy to navigate and understand
  • They offer after hours answering services to business that want to have their telephone calls answered around the clock
  • They make sure that they keep it professional when they are answering calls for the different businesses to insure that they will not miss out on any potential customers and have their name slandered


  • You must sign at least a three month contract. This may cause them to miss out on some potential customers because there are some answering services companies out there that do not require their customers to be committed to any type of contract
  • Also, they charge for some of their features where they can be used at some of the other places that offer live telephone answering services for free