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New York City has been the City where you can get a complete market presence but with the high price maintenance. Using NY Virtual Office has been the same as having an actual office in NY at a very low cost. NY Virtual Office will assign you a 5th Avenue address for the right price.  Signing up is easy with just simple application process and no long term contact. NY Virtual Office is offering the use of the right tools that anyone can use without any hidden charges.

Upsides of NY Virtual Office:

  • NY Virtual Office lets you know if you have mail through their Mail Checker and alerts you when you have package using their Package Notification which is forwarded to your authorized address or you can retrieve it using their facility
  • With NY Virtual Office,  you can use their meeting and conference room that is complete with virtual office
  • Using online answering services of NY Virtual Office, you can get an honest and prompt service at all times
  • With just $15.00, you can get a 5th Avenue Address with NY Virtual Office. NY Virtual Office is know with Mail Receiving and Forwarding Services so you can have everything you need in the prestige of NY office
  • Offer different packages according to your needs
  • Voice and fax services give you a unique New York metro area phone number
  • Get a Phone number and receive messages by email through their online answering service
  • Get a fax number and receive your faxes by email.
  • Online answering services offered are private and confidential

Downsides of

  • No Common Q&A found on their site
  • No Money Bank Guarantee or free trial period
  • No appointment setting, class and seminar registration
  • No Multilingual and Bilingual Services
  • No technical support services
  • No inbound and outbound call center services