Review of answering service Overview

Novuscall is one of the telephone answering services available with live telephone answering service available. However, their prices may seem a little steep for phone answering services but you can be sure you will make their asking amount back within a short period of time because the live telephone answering services that they have to offer you are simply remarkable. Not to mention the fact that they have testimonials available about their call answering service that give you a little bit more a feel as to what you can expect when you hire as your business answering service. Matter of fact some of the reviews about have been left by individuals who did not seem to mind paying their phone answering services rates despite the fact that they were not as established as some of the other people who used this answering service company. Main Features

  • No per minute charges which means you will save a lot more by using as your call answering services than you would if you used another telephone answering service.
  • No contract to sign which makes this perfect for business that are just getting started and our not very secure in what type of future they may have further down the line.
  • Activate within 1 hour or less which helps you get started in a fairly good amount of time if this needing live telephone answering services is something that catches you at the spur of the moment

www.novuscall.comĀ  PROS

  • Novus Call offers a money back guarantee so at any time if you feel as though their call answering services is not living up to your expectations you do have the option to back out as well as receive your money back as well. Basically, you have nothing to lose.
  • Activation is very quick which allows you to get started almost immediately. This is something that is hard to find when looking at answering service companies.
  • Novus Call has never been listed as a novus call scam, fraud, or a rip off.

Novuscall CONS

  • Novus Call does not have any reviews about their virtual answering services outside of the reviews that can be found on
  • Novus Call claims to have been in business for over thirty years providing customers with their phone answering services yet from the number of testimonials that they have on their website you would not be able to tell.