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Review of UK Answering Service

My PA Live is the perfect business answering service. My PA Live is a professional answering service that is based in the United Kingdom and they serve the United Kingdom. MY PA Live has built up quite a reputation for themselves since they have been in the call answering service business. Also, it does not look like they will be going anywhere anytime soon.  MY PA Live has a bunch of features that come along with their live answering services and they also have great benefits that come along with it to.


My Pa Live comes with a ton of features that compliment their live answering services. Some of them are free while others do have to be paid for outside of the office answering services. The most popular and useful ones that My PA Live offers are:


  • My PA Live is a 24 hour answering service: This means that business are able to have their phones answered and order taken all days of the year including holidays.
  • Very affordable prices: MY PA Live offers their phone answering service at a very affordable price. is able to do so because they have different packages available to suit their customers live answering service needs.
  • Good reviews about their afterhour’s answering services: MY PA Live has a ton of testimonials on their website, Also, MY PA Live has good reviews written about their phone answering services. This is a good sign because with so many people liking their call answering services it means that they must be doing something right.


  • MY PA Live does not have live chat available on their website. This is a bad thing because many potential clients would prefer to chat with a customer service representative instead of waiting on a phone line or waiting for them to email them back.