Review – A Telephone Answering Service Tailored To Your Needs!

Review of

Messages Plus is a live telephone answering service that understands that when people call a business they do not want to talk to a machine instead they would prefer to talk to a live person which is exactly what Messages Plus provides their customers callers with. Also, Messages Plus understands that not only do people want to talk to a live person but they also want to talk to a person who is professional and friendly as well which is why Messages Plus has built a reputation of being a professional answering service at all times.


Messages Plus is a telephone answering service that comes equip with a ton of great features. Some of their features are free while others do have a price behind them. However, none of their answering services pricing is something that cannot be fit into any businesses budget so it is not problem at all for businesses to pay to have some of the more extravagant features that Messages Plus offers.


  • Message Plus has had their answering service company featured on ABC news so that lets their customers know that their live answering services are legit and they are not a scam
  • Message Plus has a live person answer all of your business calls because they understand that every time you miss a call or someone hangs up because they do not want to talk to a machine your company is missing money
  • Message Plus offers a variety of different call answering services such as medical answering services, office answering services and business answering services just to name a few
  • Message Plus is a national answering service
  • Message Plus is a bilingual answering service so they are able to correspond with any and all of your businesses callers


  • Messages Plus does not list their prices in their website,, which can cause some of their potential customers to take their business elsewhere.