Make Sure That All Your Calls Are Answered – Review of

Review of answering service is a wonderful site to use when it comes to finding out which answering service companies should be used. Answer Stat has a variety of different listings ranging from medical answering services to business answering services. Answer Stat dot com is the one place that people turn to when they need a professional answering service that they can count on. Features:

Answer Stat has a whole bunch of other things that come included on their website, As was pointed out in numerous answering services reviews, some of the features that people love using the most include:

  • Appointment setting
  • Physician referrals

Check Pros:

Answer Stat dot com tries their best to be a reliable answering service referral site. Answer Stat has a variety of different benefits when it comes to using them including, but not limited to:

  • For some of their referral telephone answering services tell a little background information about their answering service company and also tell about their live answering services.
  • Answer Stat has a ton of other services listed on their website, that business may find very useful and they could also possibly compliment their answering services very well.
  • Answer Stat has a very professional website that is also very easy to navigate so they should be able to attract a ton of good customers do to the fact that it does not seem like they are trying to hide anything at all.

Review Cons:

Of course with the good there always has some bad. However, with Answer Stat the things that can be said negative about them are very slim.

  • Answer Stat does not have background information on all of the answering service companies that they try to refer people to. This can be a bad thing because it makes clients feel as though the ones that have no information about them are probably not legit and could possibly be answering service scams.
  • does not let you know what the answering service pricing of the answering service companies they are referring you to are so you actually have to go to each telephone answering service website or call them to find out what they charge for their phone answering services. So check more reviews before placing your order.