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Editorial Live Telephone Answering Rating

Live Telephone Answering dot co dot UK, also known as LiveTel, is one of the top telephone answering services that has been labeled as being one of the best call answering services on the web. When it comes to an editorial viewpoint this live answering service deserves a four star rating. One star is being taken away because they have minor grammar errors on their website, However, other than that there are no problems with their call answering company and there does not appear to be any LiveTel scam or LiveTel fraud taking place within this company. Instead they appear to be 100% legit.

Customer’s LiveTel Ranking

Customers are ranking LiveTel in at five stars as well. Everyone who uses this call answering service is pleased with the results that they are receiving and they are also very happy with the rates that they pay. With Live Telephone Answering dot co dot uk you can expect for rates to be as low as 0.80 per call.  Furthermore, customers reviews of LiveTel indicate that their customer support team can be reached around the clock via phone or email. Not to mention the fact that first time customers are eligible to try out their call answering services for free before they commit to using them.

Other Live Telephone Answering dot co dot UK Reviews Found

Reviews of Live Telephone Answering dot co dot UK that can be found on the web lead customers to believe that this is one of the most trustworthy live phone answering services based out of the U.K. Review sites compliment their affordable rates and love how they have a live person answering any and all calls that come through to their business.

Is a Scam? is not one of the live telephone answering services that is a scam. Instead they are legit and to prove themselves they even offer their customers a free trial. No one has ever mentioned having any sort of problems with them which is definitely a good sign. So, it is 100% safe to consider doing business with this phone answering service.