Let Voice Nation answer incoming calls! – VoiceNation.com Review

VoiceNation.com answering service review

VoiceNation.com is the leader when it comes to providing answering service, voice mail, or PBX. Many major companies use VoiceNation.com because they have developed a good system for high-call volume. They also can assist places in the medical field with medical answering service, doctor’s answering service and after hour’s answering service. The company has been in existence since the start of email and has made outstanding developments to help other companies with their phone answering service needs. The early developers recognized in advance what was going to be needed and that is why the developed their own outstanding technology.

When it comes to needing any type of specialty answering service Voice Nation has raised above all the rest of the companies with their own developed technology. That is why many companies rely on Voice Nation to provide them with the best quality answering service if it is phone answering services, or internet answering services. One of the major features of Voice Nation is that they are able to provide their clients with local numbers. This helps the clients to keep in contact with all their customers without fear of losing anyone.


Voice Nation does offer you the ability to store your voice messages online as well as receiving them in your voice mail. They make themselves available to many different types of businesses such as in the medical field, marketing, etc. The ability to transfer calls or put calls on hold is done by using your keypad.


  • The first company to offer 98% local number availability in the United States.
  • The first to offer small businesses a complete corporate PBX that they can afford.
  • The first to offer the most comprehensive recovery solutions for disaster to protect important company communication channels.
  • The first to develop a voice platform so successful, it set the standard for telecommunications firms across the country.
  • The first to offer live answering services in places where it was previously not available.
  • The first to develop a communication technology that is completely adaptable to meet unique business requirements.
  • The first to offer custom usage reports via the web for applications like ad tracking and live answering.
  • The first to develop a proprietary reseller platform, including a unique CRM system, which enables any business to offer Voice Nation’s solutions.


  • Voice Nation does not offer any free trial period.
  • Conference calling is not part of their features.