Review – They Will Keep You From Losing Out On Money

Review of - Your Answering Service

Jet Virtual is a telephone answering service that serves the United Kingdom and is based in the United Kingdom that understands that a large percentage of the customers who call a business and get greeted by the voicemail will hang up and not leave a voice message. Jet Virtual ranks higher than the other virtual answering services simply because they understand this and they make it their business to try and keep businesses from losing out on money. People have described Jet Virtual as being professional and reliable so it looks like this phone answering service has bright things in store for their future.


Jet Virtual has been able to attract so many customers to use their answering service company due to the fact that they have many features. Some of the features of Jet Virtual include, but are not end with:


  • They only charge you for productive calls
  • Jet Virtual does not make you sign a contract and nor do they have any surprise fees when it comes time for you to pay.
  • Jet Virtual has affordable answering service pricing
  • Jet Virtual provides free answering services¬†for a limited amount of time
  • Jet Virtual stands out among the other answering services companies because they do not charge the businesses if calls come in from a telemarketer or because someone has dialed the wrong number. When Jet Virtual says they only charge you for what you use this is actually what they mean.


  • Jet Virtual has live chat available on their website however there is not someone that is always available to help potential customers this way. So, Jet Virtual may indeed end up losing out on some money due to the fact that some customers prefer to chat via the internet with a customer service representative rather than calling and talking on the phone.