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Editorial Rating

From an editorial viewpoint Integra Call Center deserves a five star rating for their telephone answering services. They provide call answering services that answer your customer’s calls in fluent English and also in a very professional manner. Not to mention the fact that they have email support available to their customers which they respond to all email inquiries/tickets within the time span of eight hours if not sooner. They also have live chat available for clients who are considering turning to them for phone answering services. This way customers are able to come to an instant decision as to whether or not Integra Call Center would be the best choice for them when it comes to online answering services.

Customer’s Integra Call Center dot com Ranking

Customers from all over the world are ranking Integra Call Center dot com in at five stars based on the high quality of services that they have been able to provide to them. Not to mention the fact that all of the services that they provide are available for very affordable and reasonable rates. Furthermore, the website,, is very easy to navigate and it is very easy to request a free quote through the website. All of the customers appear to believe that there is no Integra Call Center scam or Integra Call Center fraud taking place based on the review of Integra Call Center dot com.

Other Integra Call  Reviews Found

Other Integra Call review that have been found on the web state that this phone answering service is legit. Not to mention the fact that some customers have even mentioned that they had the chance to take advantage of Integra Call Center dot com discounts. Not to mention the fact that some reviews have been left by top of the line businesses that have used their telephone answering services.

Is Integra Call Center a Scam?

It is safe to say that Integra Call Center is not a scam. It appears that they are 100% legit since none of their customers have had anything bad to say about them.