Instant Responses on All Your Incoming Calls – Review of answering service review

Since 2003, Go Response answering service has been offering telephone answering services to its small business and corporate clients. According to an industry analysis report by leading experts in March 2009 Go Response answering service had the fastest sales growth. Also, they have also been classified as the best trading partner in the telephone answering service industry. GoResponse answering service has been successful so far for giving their clients the better valued services for the price they charge. The annual turnover for this answering service company in 2010 was 2.15 million while they predict this to be 2.3 million this year. The company has been able to score 100% customer satisfaction so far as per a recent survey done to ensure their strong customer-centric ethos.


GoResponse answering service is though a good answering service however it may not necessarily be the best one out of the other competitors. There is no doubt for sure that they provide you the value for the price they ask for their services. Majority of the clients have praised them for their family atmosphere business approach and high end customer care.


  • 100% customer satisfaction- Go Response has earned as well as aims to provide a 100% customer satisfaction which is the number one pre requisite for any answering service company.
  • Virtual office– What if you don’t have an office and don’t want to let your callers know? GoResponse has the solution. They can be your “virtual receptionist” or “customer service center” as per your choice.
  • Average response time is 10 seconds- The average response time for them is 10 seconds which is great.
  • Can handle large volume of callers- They can handle a very large volume of calls every day. So, they are able to answer thousands of calls each day which is a decent number.
  • Unlimited call-divert- Customers may divert or undivert as many as calls as they want every single day.
  • Customized plans for small and corporate businesses – they are great for the various plans that are customized for each specific category of customers which is outstanding.


  • No chat service- The major drawback is that their website doesn’t have any instant chat service which hinders the customer service especially if there is an urgent need.
  • Not a very good organized website- Their website is not very well organized as it takes some time to look for the specific information.
  • Charges for the set up.
  • There are charges for the set-up which are pricey and there are other telephone answering services that do not charge for setting up their live answering services at all.
  • Expensive- Overall their call answering services are expensive and small companies may find it difficult to pay for.