Feel The Special Personal Assistance – Review of specialtyansweringservice.net

specialtyansweringservice.net answering service review

Specialty Answering Service is a telephone answering service that has been in the live answering service business since 1985. Specialty Answering service not only serves in the USA but they are international as well. Their mission is to provide their customers with the best call answering services that they possibly can. Over the years their answering service company has grown and they have successfully been able to meet the needs of both large and small businesses.


Specialty Answering service is a 24 hour answering services that provide a variety of different features such as small business answering services, business answering services and office answering services. Also, Specialty Answering service has other features available aside from live answering services including, yet not limited to, help desk, appointment setting and order taking. The best thing about specialty answering service is that they offer free answering service for a limited amount of time to their new customers and they have affordable answering service pricing for their existing clients.


Here are some of the best features that “Specialty Answering Service” offers:

  • Quick set up
  • Customized plans to accommodate any business
  • It provides per minute and per call plans that would suit any business needs.
  • Toll free numbers for call forwarding or advertising
  • It has a toll free number that can be used for call forwarding as well as advertising purposes.
  • Operators as your business representative
  • Operators, at Specialty Answering Service act as a business representative which adds something to the status of a business.
  • 24/7 Operator service
  • It provides the clients with 24/7 operator service
  • Comprehensive list of call centers
  • It provides you a comprehensive list of all its call centers.
  • Free trial
  • A free trial for no cost helps potential customers decide whether or not this answering service company will be the best phone answering service for you.
  • Well organized website
  • Specialty Answering Service has a great website design that makes it easy to get to the information you are actually looking for so you do not become frustrated.


  • No instant chatting is available
  • Specialty Answering Service does not offer any instant chat service which customers generally love to have as it serves their problems instantly.
  • No answering service pricing is visible on the website
  • One has to fill a form to know the prices which can sometimes be a big frustration to potential clients.