callcia review


Call Client Instant Access (CIA), LLC was established in 1997 with headquarter in Fairfield New Jersey. It has state of Art dialing, conferencing and messaging services have made it a leader in telecommunications industry. is the provider of choice for Wall Street and financial institutions at other parts of the world. CIA CEO and co-founder Joe Vaccarealla has more than 20 years of experience in conference calling and messaging. The rest of seasoned senior management team has over 50 years experience in diversified telecommunications. employs over 100 professionals to maintain 24-hour on site conference calling and customer services support center to meet needs of clients. It offers fast, most reliable and productive system on offer at market palace to wide variety of industries. Additionally, Call CIA provides detailed reporting. Compliance tools , feature rich options and resources for data management that rival much more expensive CRM(Customer Relationship Management) systems provided by other companies.

For companies that wish to integrate services into existing platform, CIA has developed robust API (Application Programming Interface) that achieves this with ease. CIA innovatively helps its clients to meet and even exceed their business goals.

Industries Served by serves numerous industries including:

  • Customer service/retail
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Healthcare


CallCia is a service of choice to numerous clients because of diverse services and products it offers clients. These are:

  • Blast Voice Mail: Allows users to send their voice messages easily to entire client base within short time. Users simply access intuitive web-based system for recording and sending messages with a simple click of the mouse. Customers have a choice of premium or express blast mail service depending on their functionality and customer needs.
  • CIA Conference Calling: There is a wide range of conference calling services at CIA. It uses state of art digital conferencing technology with superior audio quality making it a choice for many Fortune 500 companies. Conferencing calling begins from operator assisted options for quarterly earnings release calls, large event and fully automated choices for smaller day to day calls.
  • Instant Daytime Dialer System: CIA IDD (Instant Daytime Dialer) web based tool that allows clients to easily and quickly call to communicate with large groups at minimal expense. IDD is conveniently accessible from any place with a telephone and internet connection. It eliminates the hassle of making multiple outbound calls. IDD does not require additional software, hardware or telecommunications equipment.

 Downside of is a service that has been in business for long therefore has many people trying to contact it yet it does not have live chat facility on its site.

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