Review – A Medical Answering Service that Meets Your Needs

Review of answering service

Call 4 Health is a 24 hour answering service that is based in this United States. Call 4 Health became an answering service company back in 1997 and they have been progress ever since they accomplished answering the first phone call for the first business that signed with them. Call 4 Health is very big on quality customer service you will be able to tell from when they first pick up your call that they are a professional answering service that takes pride in providing the best quality of live answering services that they possibly can.



  • Call 4 Health 24 hour answering service: This is an amazing asset that has because now you never have to worry about missing out on any of your calls. Everyone knows that the more available your business is the more customers you will gain which in the end means the more money you will make.
  • Call 4 Health has a referral program so they actually credit your account when someone uses their answering service company because of you.
  • Call 4 Health has been offering medical answering services and phone answering services for over a decade so they definitely know what they are doing and can be assumed to be a legit answering service company.


  • Call 4 Heath only has 159 fans on Facebook. This means that they probably do not have a ton of customers since now days most people are in tune with the social media websites.
  • Call 4 Health’s referral program only allows you to receive $1,000 worth of credit to your account for referring people to use their live answering services. So if you refer over a certain amount of people they will no longer be rewarding you yet you will still be helping them make money off of their telephone answering services.