Australian Answering Service – Review of answering service review

Live Answering service is an answering service company that serves big as well as small businesses to help them grow in a real corporate environment. Live Answering service includes services like Live Answering, Call Forwarding, and Unified Messaging. Live Answering Service has local phone numbers for live answering at their virtual offices around Australia and provides local numbers based on one’s business locations which is superb.


Live Answering service claims to be a telephone answering service that reflects the real corporate image with real solutions that provides real service with real savings. As far as their claim for real savings are concerned, it is true that this live answering service offers reasonable plans for the price they charge. However, businesses not only need a fair plan but they also require excellent office answering services as well. So, to be fair  Live Answering service may or may not be the best solution for the businesses for this is not the only call answering service that offers services like Live Answering, Call Forwarding, and Unified Messaging.

Let’s look at some of the great features of this 24 hour answering service:


  • Live Answering service is the phone answering service that provides all the time call answering which means 24 hours a day and 365 days a year which is phenomenal.
  • This live answering service greets the callers with your business name that adds a great value to the status of your business.
  • Messages sent via SMS and/or email
  • Live Answering service can provide messages to multiple recipients in a single time.
  • Messages are available through customer portal as well
  • This professional answering service is enabled to transfer messages to you and the individual team members.
  • You have an unlimited access to the number of calls depending upon your requirement and Live Answering service will still charge you a flat rate per call.
  • One of the best things that are good about Live Answering service website is that they have a clear pricing available for their customers which doesn’t make them feel frustrated at all and which is eventually a good customer service.


  • There is not enough information about the company itself like how and when it started to serve its customers which is a drawback as it does not satisfy the curiosities of customer in respect to the company’s background information.
  • There is no instant chat service available for the urgent inquiry which ultimately doesn’t guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction.