Answering Service Since 1990 – Review of answering service review

Map Communications has been in the telephone answering services business since 1990. They are a professional answering service that really knows what the customers look for out of their telephone answering service company. With Map Communications their customers know that they can expect nothing less than the best every single time.


Map Communications provides a ton of different features that set them apart from other answering services companies. They are said to have the fastest pickup times in the industry and also they are said to have the most professional and courtesy staff on their side. They provide their customers with their own 800 number and they also have voicemail services available.


  • They provide twenty four hour telephone answering services every day of the year, even on the weekends and holidays.
  • They provide after hours answering services
  • They allow you to pay your bill and access your monthly statements by using their website.
  • They provide live answering services so your customers do not have to worry about dealing with automated answering services
  • They do offer free answering services for a limited amount of time
  • They have business videos and demos available for businesses so they can learn a little bit about their company and how things work


  • Their site is kind of confusing because there is just so much going on when you first arrive. This could cause some customers to be turned off because they may not have the time or patience to figure out how to navigate the website directly.
  • They do not have their prices listed on their website so one actually has to contact them in order to be able to find out that information. This can cause them to lose out on a few customers because some people like to see set rates up front instead of calling because that looks like the company may just be charging whatever they feel like at any given moment.