answercanada review

About is a Canadian company providing call answering service from offices within Canada. It is a division of Answer Net, one of the largest answering services in the world that has been in the industry for many years and even won awards. Answer Canada agents are available 24/7 living up to its policy that customers deserve highest quality service at competitive and cost effective prices.

AnswerCanada offers “Pay As You Go” service. This includes capturing the name of a caller, phone number and reasons for calling. It has a simple to use system but encourages clients to contact their account manager via online portal when any issue arises. It then sends messages about caller details to customers through SMS, their own online portal or email.

After sending up an account, customers get access to a document with easy instructions on how to forward their phone numbers to


The agent working for Answer Canada are all highly trained and experienced to handle calls for high number of clients. These agents handle calls according to instruction given by clients throughout online account setup. A screen with quick instructions about call requirements will pop up on an agent’s computer when a call comes in. This helps the agent to handle the call according to client instructions.

  • Free account set-up: A client sets up an account online without any initial fee. The account is activated and becomes operational in few minutes. Additionally, clients get an opportunity to test this service before signing up. offers sample call service for clients to experience how agent sound or how messages will appear in their inbox and/or mobile.
    Dedicated telephone number: Customers get either an own toll free phone number that they can forwarded from existing lines or can be used as the main number.
  • Privacy: Answer Canada does not share call recordings with outside parties and does not retain any recordings in its possession because they are purged on regularly. Pricing

Pricing for telephone answering service is genuinely “Pay As You Go”. Clients only pay for added call credits when their accounts are running low and in this case, pay for only what they use. The rate is $1.50 per call (not per minute) or $1.20 for larger packages. Minimum credit purchase is $20 of credit. The service includes free:

  • SMS Delivery
  • Internet Message Viewing
  • Email delivery(optional)
  • Automated messages and fax tones
  • Wrong numbers and hoax calls

Downside of

Answer Canada is reached through phone, sales inquiry form and U2U messages to account manger after login into the account but there is no live chat option on its website.

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