alldaypa review

About began in 1999 is one of most trusted UK phone answering services.. It answers calls for over 23,000 small and large businesses operating from 3 contact center locations at Manchester. It has earned many 5-star ratings for this. It however picks PAs with neutral accents without Northern dialect hence there is no difference between a call answered by AlldayPA and one picked in a client’s office. There are many people who have probably spoken to one of its PAs without knowing it.

Customers can either choose to divert all calls or only those coming through when lines are busy or their line are unanswered. PAs who operates 24 hours answer calls as if they are based in a client’s office. It only charges clients for calls it answers. The service is like having a staff in an office without overheads, hassle or commitment.

The services offered by All Day PA are:

  • Call handling: A team of PAs are assigned to manage business calls for a client on demand.
  • Media response: Rapid response to new enquiries while analyzing the marketing ROI.
  • Diary management: Answering calls and booking of appointments on client’s behalf.
  • Helpdesk: Answering calls and support customers according to agreed scripts.
  • Incident management: Investigating incidents and managing appropriate responses.


PAs at are dedicated to answering calls quickly and efficiently as possible according to exact requirements. Additionally, this service is known for the following:

  • Customer driven: Highly trained staff answer calls ant time they are required to do so while strictly observing customer requirements.
  • Availability: All Day PA virtual receptionists ensure that a clients business does not miss a call by answering calls within 3 rings hence callers do not have to hear lengthy automated voicemail or engaged tone.
  • Relieve clients: saves clients from the distractions that are brought by phones allowing them to focus on core business. It provides virtual team that offers full time support to keep business open even when the operators are away from office.
  • Quality: AlldayPA delivers highest level of service for all calls by monitoring its staff and continuous training. packages and pricing has several call answering packages starting at 100 calls or minutes a month for clients to choose what fits them. Clients can pay on fixed or flexible (per minute) call basis for time that PAs answer calls or transferred calls. There is no stand by, monthly, weekend or out of business hours charge.

Downside of

All Day PA advertises free trial on its website but again states that it has no obligation to do it. It can even withdraw free trial before or during period assigned for that purpose.

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