24/7 Answering support from Answer United – Review of answerunited.com

answerunited.com answering service review

Answer United is a 24/7 answering service that has been providing telephone answering services and more for over forty five years. Currently, they have over twelve hundred customers and they make sure that they provide them all with the highest quality service that they can. They provide their professional answering services to a variety of different businesses. They have small business answering services available as well as office answering services.


Answer United has a bunch of different features available to their customers. Some of the features that they have available to customers are appointment and event scheduling services. Also, they have virtual assistants available as well as a twenty four hour help desk. These are only just the beginning of the features there are so many others that are available as well.


  • They have live chat available on their website
  • They also give you a free quote
  • Answer United has a variety of different answering services available as well as other services available to make sure that each business can get all of their needs taken care of in one place
  • Answer United has affordable rates for all of their answering services
  • They provide after hours answering services
  • They have services such as ordering¬†tracking¬†available for their customers as well
  • Everything they do they make sure that it is in order to keep their customers happy.


  • Their website can be hard to navigate at first because of all of the things that are going on when you see the main page
  • They do not have rates listed on their website you have to answer a questionnaire in order for them to give you a quote for their answering services. Some people may not prefer this because it can be easier to have at least have a price range available so people can know what to expect before going through the hassle of answering all of the questions for nothing.